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Hello! I've been a long time reader of AVS forums and have found it invaluable. I'm now trying to solve an installation issue:

I'm installing 14 Klipsch r1800c in ceiling speakers and plan to drive them using 2 Emotiva UPA-700 amps. The source will be a network receiver with pre-outs that I'll feed to a RCA distribution amplifier to split the 2 channel output to the needed 14. However, I'm looking for a way to control the volume of each zone so some areas of the room can be quieter than others. I can use the typical in wall volume knobs, but would like the controls in the same place near the amps and receiver. Is there a solution available? I've looked for either a multi-channel pre-amp to replace the RCA distribution amp or a multi-channel volume control device but haven't had luck.

Any ideas?

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