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Help with 9pg+ and idc-2000

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Hello all you wizards. I have just started construction of my second HT going from tv to fp this time. I make my living as a remodeling contractor and as an incentive to actually finish the project I had to buy the projector first. I choose a 9pg+ as an introduction to projection partially because the tubes were just replaced and also because I got it locally. It came with the IDC 2000 so I want to try it out . First off let me say my experience level is as low as they go with this stuff. I have read a lot of the threads here and will continue to as my project gets going. My main concern right now is to just test the projector to make sure there are no major issues so I can pack it up and get on with the construction or the room. I have the projector on the floor in the room set back from a wall at the factory setting distance for a 100 inch screen. It looks like this is how the previous owner had it set with the exception of being ceiling mounted (which is how I will eventually mount) I have an xbox game system and a conventional VCR available as a test input. All the other equipment has been packed away. Some specific questions: Of course the image is upside down because it is on the floor. Should I go through the reversal process to check it out or better to leave it alone as I would have to change it back when I ceiling mount it ? The idc unit has R,G,B,H,V, and H/v outs and the projector has R,G,B,H/v, and V inputs. I cant find instruction on how to connect the H and V or H/v. The manual I got for the IDC is more like a pamphlet than a manual. Any direction as to a basic quick start would be greatly appreciated. Remember that I am as a child here. I will however be happy to contribute to the forums that deal with construction and sound control. Thanks in advance
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Just to test it, don't flip it. Saves you a LOT of time later. Connect the RGB to the RGB, and H to the H/V input, and the V to the V. Then connect your VCR or game to the Doubler.

The NEC has the H/V option, as it can accept both combined or seperate sync.

Good luck.

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Thanks Marc
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