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Hi guys, hopefully this is in the correct place. Appologies if not!

I have a little project at work which consists of re-installing a Bose T10 Lifestyle system after a shop refit.

The first part is done, the system is in, working and sounding good.

Next part is getting music to the AV20 reciever from the computer that is in another room 20-25 feet away.

Unfortunatley and annoyingly a cable is out of the question due to the location of the reciever on the shop floor so wireless is pretty much my only option.

We currently have an Ipod plugged in via an analogue input on the reciever but managment want it linked to the pc in the office.

Now, the AV20 does not have wireless/networking capability but my question is can i give it that capability?

I am aware of devices like Apple Tv and Roku but since our company has just forked out 150k on a shop refit, i have been given a very minimal budget.

I have spotted a HDMI wireless adapted that claims it acts like Apple Airplay/DLNA which suits our needs down to the ground.

I just dont know whether its compatable with a Bose AV20 reciever, can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance

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