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Help with a dipole speaker... Need creative ideas

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My setup is laid out in a corner loaded manner, and I have a corner behind me... see pics.

Now I was thinking about putting in that corner behind me a single Dipole speaker that would fill in the rear area... That way it would fire in both directions towards the rear of my couch... Where the Tall Plant is located.

I have a full paradigm studio setup and looking at the ADP's they are kind of side firing, and I can get those each... but looking at the rear surround rockets they have more of a outward directional build.... and have to buy in a pair.

What do you think of the idea of putting a speaker back in the corner like that for rear surround? Would one speaker design work better then the other...?

Are there any other di-pole/bi-pole brands that one would recommend for a corner layout scenario.



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I'd look into a wide dispersion Paradigm center channel. Center channels usually have a wider horizontal dispersion pattern but limited vertical dispersion, so you'll have to point it down at the couch. A dipole is going to leave you with a gaping coverage hole and very funky sound. The only thing I can think of that will otherwise work would be a Klipsch WDST surround (which is essentially a very wide dispersion monopole) but the tonal balance and efficiency will be radically different from your fronts unless you EQ the heck out of things. Either that or a pair of in-ceiling speakers.
Are you planning to have a right, left, center, and 1 rear speaker for surround?

I'm using a focal speaker for my surrounds, the SR1000. This speaker has

the capability (and you pay for it $$$$$) of being configured for standard

bipolar mode - or double monopolar mode ( 2 sets of inputs for right and left).

In the focal forum, you can ask Audio Architect about this.

There may be other speakers that do this as well.

I think adding a speaker back there is a good idea. If you use it as a bipolar,

do you wire it to your rear center connection from your processor? I do this

with my 6.1 system.
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Hello gadget....

I already have a full 5.1 setup, and would like to add a single rear surround, for a 6.1 layout.

I have looked at a couple of different speakers, and ultimately I would like a speaker back there that is switchable Between Bi-polar and Di-polar, so I can decide what I like best, seeing as I don't really have the room for 2 speakers...

I will wire this speaker as a single rear surround... I have a Rotel 5x200 amp, but my receiver that Im using as a Pre/Pro is driving nothing, and could easily handle the job.

Still looking at other suggestions for a single switchable Di-Polar - Bi-Polar speaks...


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Knowing you are trying to achieve 6.1, look at my pictures. My TV is off-center - almost

corner, and my main listening area sweet spot is the opposite coner. My room is not

perfect for HT, but the rear center is a joy. It fills a void and expands the sweet spot -

whereby, everybody on the couch and the chair has at least 2 surround speakers

nearby. I have a pioneer 84 that does automatic room equilization, after it does

its thing, I usually add +2db to the surrounds - just to give it a boast.

People complain that surrounds are used enough in movies - but when they do -

sweet. Anyway, the added speaker will be well worth it.

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Nice speaks there Gadget... Focal's I see... Electra 1027's...

What are you using for your surround speakers...? I can't tell from the pictures...

So you are running a 6.1 as well, How are you hooking up that single rear speaker, is it to the left "back surround" connnection...?

Im just trying to figure out, as the speaker will be tight in the corner, If I want the Paradigm side firing speaker which will be bouncing off those corner walls, or if I want something more app'd to fire towards the listening positions...

If its going to bounce off the walls right away with the Paradigm, will that be a big deal or maybe it could actually lend itself to quite a decent ambience... The Paradigms do have a 7.5" forward firing woofer onboard as well...

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On my pioneer A/V recv. I'm using the surround Back Left - which is labled (single)

when you are using it for the sixth speaker for rear center.

Here's a better picture of the surround speaker. ( Focal Electra SR1000 )

I would think you would want to take advantage of that corner bounce. Are layouts are very close and I'm very happy with it. The rear center - is what

wraps you around the sound - and puts you in the middle of the action.
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Nice.... they didn't even list that speaker on their website...

Looks nice, Im sure they sound fantastic.... thanks alot for your help..

I appreciate it buddy...

Your welcome,

Let's know what you decide. Anything back there, will be an improvement. Run your

speaker wire without hiding it, throw up a speaker - most come with a 30 day return

policy. And see what it sounds like. Just get a movie that has lots of action - since they

incorporate surrounds a lot more. Also get one with dolby digital ex - which uses the

6.1 sound stage.
Yeah thats the next plan, I have a set of Old Polk audio surrounds, they are actually not bad, so I will try them back there, that way I have something to pit the dipole's against...

That is if I can a single unit...

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