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Received a new Clark Synthesis TST239 SILVER model, Dayton Audio SA240 and all cables yesterday. Astounding, Amazing, Incredible! Recommend this component for every home theater enthusiast!

Installed in my couch and wired using the simplest LFE method using retail cables. My receiver is a Yamaha HTR-6060. I have a Polk PSW125 as well, so I have a Y adapter from receivers single LFE output to the polk and to the dayton audio amp and then another Y adapter to plug the 25FT LFE cable into the SA240's L&R input.

Great, powerful effects all night with Jurassic Park etc but today I turned off the mains, centre and surrounds to isolate vibrations etc so I can tweak the install. I played some low bass note music and the 239 was rocking the sofa.

At some point the transducer stopped giving me the full rattle and maybe is performing at somewhere around 20% now. I don't believe an sa240 could wreck a tst239 regardless of the gain setting.

To demonstrate the problem, if I have the gain on the amp at 0 and slowly turn the dial clockwise the shaking effects peak around 1/4 gain and fades out to a 'mumble' when gain increases beyond half setting.

Please help me figure out what could be wrong. I hope when I get home from work everything will be fine (overload protection) again but it may not be.

I've reset the receiver settings and power off and on everything to no effect.

UPDATE: parts express replaced and ill leave on lower gain.
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