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Help with accessories like cable pass throughs, wall plates, tv mounts etc.

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Hi all,

I'm looking for suggestions on cable pass-throughs or chases and A/V junction boxes, as well as, a tv mount.

I'm in the process of lowering my fireplace (was boxed in the wall 2' above floor level) to claim the wall space for a flat-screen TV/monitor. Immediately adjacent to the wall that will hold the TV is a "media nook" that will house all my components. With the fact that it's so close (maybe a 6' to 8' cable run) and that the wall is currently opened up with the fireplace removal, the options are endless.

What recommendations do you have for this scenario? Would you just run a straight HDMI cable through the wall? Terminate at each end with a wall plate full of various connectors?

As for the tv mount, I'm leaning towards a recessed style so the TV really hugs the wall. Any pitfalls I'm missing here?
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Alot of this depends on your system design, and components you have in your system.

In my case on one of my flatscreens I have a single HDMI cable (and a power plug of course) to provide signal to the screen, but that setup has a newer HDMI switching Reciever which snags and decodes the audio and handles switching sources. In that instance I just installed a pair of Hdmi wall plates each in a single gang low voltage retrofit wall box for a clean looking install.

In my last setup (main media room) I'm was running a much larger system, which changed gear frequently and is based off an older reciever which does not handle HD video switching, so I ran the video sources direct to the TV then audio out from the TV into the reciever so the TV is controlling the source switching while the reciever handles audio only. This means I have 2 sets of component, 3 HDMI and audio return going to the TV, rather than have a huge busy wall plate and multiple gang boxes I trimmed out a single 4x4 hole in the wall as a pass through, and plugged it with a chunk of foam cut from an old auralex bass trap, it allows lots of room for cables, fast component/cable switching, and generally worked well, but looks much less appealing(to wives at least) than a single HDMI with a nice clean wall plate.

My new setup eliminates the wall problem all together as I installed the TV in front of a large nook to house all the gear, and will be building in the amp racks ect so nothing is visible other than the TV but if you pull out on the TV all the source gear is directly behind it and easy to access.

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If you're going to the trouble of running wires from the nook to the TV, I would run a variety of cables to give you flexibility. In addition to HDMI, I'd run analog audio cables, component video, and a PC monitor cable.

HDMI can be flaky sometimes, so it's good to have an analog backup. I have a TV tuner that doesn't work well with HDMI, but works perfectly with component cables and analog audio.

If your TV has a built in tuner, you might as well also run a co-ax connection for over the air. You never know when you might need it.
I stumbled across this box when looking for a recessed outlet: Recessed Media Box . If you look at the first review, they posted pictures of the install. This thing looks like the way to go; the ultimate in flexibility and instead of a recessed outlet where just the plug is offset, the whole outlet is inside the box. One common negative comment found (check the white color version) is that the box itself is flimsy and some fit issues with a retro box. Anyone know of any alternate products of similar design?

While on monoprice, I also saw this Recessed TV Mount Any thoughts? One concern I have is I don't even know what size TV I'm mounting, let alone make & model. But, these things are pretty universal, right?
I would use the "scoop" type pass-through plate covers and not add additional intermediate connections in the cable path. http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...t=1#largeimage

get 10' cables (from Monoprice as well) for everything you think you will need and Monoprice has a decent power box kit as well http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2

Mounts as well http://www.monoprice.com/products/su...08&cp_id=10828

I have no connection with Monoprice, just a very satisfied customer for several years.
Wall plates are nice, but I prefer to have my wires direct to the tv and vise versa. I preferred to run 2" PVC From my equipment to the back of the TV, that way i can change or add wires. I will be putting a Sanus xf228 full motion wall mount so I can access my wires and have full motion so i can watch tv while I work at my desk.
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