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I'll try to keep this simple...

I have a Sony BDP-S350 connected to my Vizio VO47LF via HDMI (1.3), but only for video, as my receiver does not have HDMI inputs. The audio is connected via optical. But here's the catch...I also have an Xbox 360 connected via optical, and since my receiver only has one optical input, I had to buy this optical switcher/splitter.

My receiver is part of the Sony HT-DDW660, which can decode DD 5.1 and DTS. I have my audio settings on the blu-ray player to output through optical and set to Dolby Digital, DTS, 48kHZ/16bit.

I have noticed a pretty good amount of sync issues while watching a few movies with Dolby TrueHD. It doesn't seem as bad with ones that have DD 5.1, but is still there enough to be annoying.

Could the splitter be causing sync issues? Or is it my receiver taking too long to decode TrueHD to DD 5.1?

Would it help me to run the audio via the optical output of the TV to the splitter? So it would travel through the HDMI first, then go to optical?

Any help is appreciated. Oh, I forgot to mention that I've tried the AV Sync feature on the Blu-ray player and haven't really had luck.


Vizio VO47LF - 1080p LCD

Sony BDP-S350


Sony HT-DDW660
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