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I was originally planning to buy an Elite 151 for my basement, but I can get a 141 much cheaper than a 151, so I think I'll get the 141 monitor instead. So now I need the audio part, but I am a real novice in this area, and your advice is appreciated.

I know I don't have a good set up for proper home theatre, but I'd like to make the best of it on a reasonable budget. Here is how the area sets up.

The basement is 32 feet across. The TV will go on a back wall right in the middle. 13 feet back is a mini interior wall that was built to conceal the staircase. The wall only extends about 10 feet, and it part of a rectangular enclosure of a staircase. So, beside the sitting area in front of the interior 10 foot mini wall, it is open for 11 feet on both sides to the other side of the basement. Once you get past the 10 foot mini interior wall, the basement extends back several more feel to the other end.

The first AV store I went to yesterday suggests I put the surround sound speakers on the side walls. Since its 32 feet across, it will be about 16 feet from each side speaker to the sitting area.

The second AV store says that is not a good idea because its pretty far away, and perhaps even more important, because its an open room with lots of open space behind the surround speakers, the sound will get lost. He suggests, though not ideal, it would be better to put the surround speakers on the mini wall directly behind where I sit. He also said ceiling speakers would work better, but naturally that involves a fair bit of work, i.e. money.

When I got home I looked at it again and I have two 13 inch high pieces of molding that run below the ceiling, perpendicular to the mini wall, on both sides of the wall. Each piece of molding runs from the mini wall to the back wall where the TV will be mounted. I'm thinking maybe I can mount the speakers on the molding (close to where the molding meets the mini wall), so I can aim them at the sofa, and they will be perpendicular to the front speakers. Also, the molding is not exactly 90 degrees from the ceiling. It slightly angles down, so the sound would aim a little bit down, as well as across. What do you think?

One other thing. This one is easier to follow. I have a nice set of speakers (Totem Sttaf) in my family room that are just used for music. Since I don't use them too much, I was thinking of moving them to the basement to use in the home theatre, and replace them with more modest speakers.

The first store simply suggested a nice center speaker by Paradigm. The second store warned me that it may sound a bit funny, and if possible you should match the front speakers and the center speaker. If thats so and I want to use my Totem's, I guess I could go back to the place I got the Totem's and get a compatible center. If the center does not match the front speakers, will it sound a bit off? Thanks.
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