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Help With Bedroom LCD Selection, Please

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In the next month or so I’ll have a number of gift certificates at Amazon that I plan to use to purchase a bedroom set (23†– 27â€). Amazon has a reasonable selection of these size sets, including many different models in the same size from the same manufacturer.

Comparing specs and models is of course important, but also time-consuming. Noting model numbers and returning to AVS or other forums for real user experience and the more subjective reviews such as PQ, interface problems, recurring glitches, etc. is also challenging, particularly as each model typically has a 100+ post count.

So, for those so inclined, I’d greatly appreciate any personal insights into any brand / model LCD in the mid 20â€â€™s size. Most appreciated are comments / reviews from anyone who has experience with multiple different models.

I’d really like comments from owners of any set, regardless of specific specs, but for those interested the set will be used for SD and HD broadcast viewing and DVDs. No or almost no gaming, PC use, or other. It will be paired with a Comcast STB (so a tuner is not required). It will also almost certainly be used with a budget receiver and a pair of bookshelfs, so no speakers necessary. An HDMI or DVI interface would be nice but not required. Also, FWIW, I own a Sony Bravia 40†LCD in the family room and am quite happy with it; I previously had a Phillips 37†LCD that was decent but a bit glitchy (and was returned for the Sony); so I'm a little gunshy with Phillips LCDs.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Bump for any thoughts.

I've read through a ton of threads and a few reviews from external sites and would appreciate any thoughts from owners (and former owners). Many of the threads here at AVS are combined "Official XXXX 26", 32" 37" 42" 50" sorts of threads and it seems to me, based on a lot of the comments, that there is often some decent variation in PQ and materials / function quality between the smaller and larger displays even within the same product line. For example, it seems that a number of posters weren't thrilled with their Sharp 26" D40U (though many were), but much of the discussion centered on the larger 37+" displays that enjoyed more consistent positive results.

I have to do a bit more research on some of the less well-known brands, but among the biggies I've tried spec'ing and googling for detailed info on three popular brand / models: Sharp 26D40U, Samsung LNS2641D, and Panasonic TC-26LX60. All of these come in at around the same out-of-pocket for me, and I've compiled detailed comparison specs / features, but of course relying on manufacturer's specs goes only so far.

I will of course do my best to evaluate PQ for myself in a B&M before making any decision, but would appreciate any owner / reviewer impressions from thopse who've had the chance to not only review but also spend some time with settings, user configurations etc.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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