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Hi Guys

I picked up a Yamaha RX-V667 mhich then snowballed into picking up used, CSiA4, FXi3 and a PSW505 (all for $425), these are led by a pair of RTi70s as fronts. Current set-up is 5.1.

I have a question as to how and where to place the FXi3s and whether it is worth getting a pair of RTi3s as an additional suround channel to make 7.1.

First my room:

- basement home theater in a large 35x20 enclosure.

- The theater is set in the right corner of the room which results in the left side of the theater area being open to a relatively empty space (used by the little ones to play hockey and what not - Canadian eh!).

- The theater area is roughly 20 by 14 with the listening position set about 10 feet from the centre and front channels. Because of the lack of room, the couch is pushed out maybe 2 feet from the wall.

Current FXi3 placement:

- set as bi-pole, I have the FXi3s set on speaker stands (temporary) at a little higher than ear level. These are aligned so that they are just inside of the fronts roughly 4 feet away from the listening position. I have them placed so that the woofers are facing the listener.


Leave them where they are, but mount them on the wall roughly 3 feet above the listening position.

Challenge(A) - The couch and listening position may be too close to the FXi3s.

Challenge(B): because the left side of the theater is open, the bi-pole effect may not be fully realized.

Question: in this set-up should the woofers face the listening position or away (currently facing the listening position)?


Move the FXi3 to the side of the listening position. These would need to be mounted high near the ceiling. (While the left side of the theater) is open, there is a bulk head that would allow this). The speakers would be set to dipole with the woofers facing away from the listening position.

Challenge(A): Given that the left side is open, the di-pole effect on the left FXi3 maybe minimized.

Question about going to 7.1 surround.

Question 1: is it worth it with my current set-up

Question 2: If I get a pair of RtiA3s where should the FXi3s be placed. As dipoles on the side or as bipoles at the rear..

I know that this is a lot of questions.. but I am really very confused on what to do. I think i know what the best solution is: orientate the room differently so that the fronts and center is shooting down the length..but that will be a lot of work given I just mounted my projector and screen not to mention all the wiring. (for now lets say that is not an option)

Advice, insights, directions would be much appreciated!
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