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Need help again...


Hi Guys.. I finally got my tv in.. 46".. havent hooked it up yet because I am moving to a new house, but I am having trouble with a decision i know you can help with..

I have had Dish Network for 13 years and have liked it because of the DVRs because i never watch live tv.. I was considering cable, *Not digital* with the new house, and Tivo HD

The installer is coming tomorrow to hook up the internet and i am supposed to know for sure on the cable, this is the hardest decision i have made in a long time.. I might save a few dollars.. BUT, is the picture quality going to be horrible on normal analog cable.. is it worse than Dish??

The main reason i considered tivo was because i like the way the Tivo Desktop works from what i have read about how you can transfer whatever shows you want straight to the pc.. they need another way to do that without tivo.. or i havent figured one out yet..

INPUT PLEASE Dish or analog cable? The cable company doesnt do cablecards...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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