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Help with center/sub preouts on Pioneer receiver!

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I just bought a used Pioneer receiver and I have some issues with the sub pre-out.

To test the system, I hooked the receiver up to my tv via the analog audio inputs. All satellite and surround speakers were receiving sound, however, the sub was getting none at all.

My receiver has preouts for a center channel and a sub channel so I tried hooking the subwoofer to the center channel and I was able to receive sound.

Would this change if I had a digital input instead of analog so I can use the sub preout instead of the center?

Also, if using digital input, would I receive sound to the subwoofer if the source is not 5.1 dolby? How can I make sure I get sound the the sub in both cases?

I'd appreciate any help, thanks!
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You can only get a sub signal IF:

1. There is an LFE signal in the source. Many broadcasts and discs do not.

2. You set your main speakers to SMALL in the setup menu. Otherwise, you will only get LFE and that may not be noticeable to you.

Have you gone through the complete setup of the AVR including level calibration?

(You do not state the model of receiver or the speakers, so more specific recommendations are not possible.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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