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Help With Choosing an Amp For Outdoor Speakers

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Hello all.. I am trying to decide which amp/receiver to buy to power some old speakers plus some new ones. I have a very old set of Niles OS1 out there on the patio currently. They're rated at 4ohm. I will be adding these Monoprice 2.1 outdoor speakers https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=31034.

According to what I'm reading...the satellite speakers are 8ohm each and the sub is rated at 8ohm as well. The speaker wires go from the amp to the sub, then separate wires to each satellite.

Wiring will be 2x 2 conductor wire for the old Niles speakers and 2x 2 conductor wire for the new 2.1 Monoprice speakers at the amp/receiver location. I'm looking for suggestions that will work for this configuration. I'm also not real clear on what the total ohm load will be.
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Also wanted to mention, the amp location is indoors. So no need for a special outdoor rated amp.
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