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I looked at some of the other similar threads and didn't really get an answer that helped me. Keep in mind, I am completely new to home audio systems and how to properly connect everything.

I bought a Yamaha YHT-391 today that will be delivered soon and I will be setting it up in about two weeks. I want to make sure I have all the necessary cables and know what I'm doing before I try to set it up so it works right away.

These are the items that are going to be connected to the receiver:

Xbox 360 (component cables)

Wii (composite cables)

Cable box (HDMI)

Now my question is, how do I route the video to the TV? Will I be able to take HDMI out from the receiver to the TV and have it route all the video inputs? Or will I have to do component out to get the Xbox video, composite out for the Wii video, and HDMI out for the cable video?

Sorry for being such an idiot!
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