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Hi, I've been dealing with this problem for a lot of time and I need some help and advice.

I'm trying to send the audio output from my HTPC (W2K, Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6 audio card using coax SPDIF output, TheaterTek and playing a DTS DVD) to a Rotel RSP-1066 receiver.

I've only been able to obtain a Stereo signal.

I've tried all this:

- Enable SPDIF output through the "mixer" software from the audio card. I've also set the 2-speakers option.

- Configure TheaterTek with:

- Output : SPDIF

- SPDIF Device: I've tried all the possibilities (C Media Wave Device, default direct sound, default media wave, Sonic cinemaster, ...)

- Preference: DTS

In most cases, the TheaterTek configuration panel loses the settings when I restart the player and resets the "Dolby Prologic" output option.

Only in one case (selecting Sonic Cinemaster SPDIF device) I achieve to maintain the settings but no sound goes out from the Rotel connected speakers.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.
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