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Hello guys,

So I was helping my g/f's parents set up a new receiver. They got a DENON AVR-1709 receiver. Now it's having an issue with the sound cutting out randomly.

So I'll be watching TV, and all of the sudden the audio will cut out. I switch to another input (my PS3) and the audio is still gone. I then put the unit into standby, and power it back on, and the audio is on for the PS3. I switch to the TV input, and the audio is gone. I put the unit in standby and power it back on, and wha-la, there is audio for the TV.

The audio will cut out at some random interval later on.... I haven't seen the audio cut out on the PS3 yet... but I haven't seen any kind of pattern as to when the audio cuts out...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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