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Help With Denon AVR2802

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I have been helping my friends dad upgrade his home theater setup. We changed from a Denon DVD player and a Mitsubishi rear proj, to a Panasonic Plasma with Blu-ray player. I cannot get the Denon to recognize Dolby Digital or DTS. I got the reciever to recognize the digital audio output from the bluray player. All I can get is dolby Prologic II, Neo 6, etc....NO Dolby Digital. I have the reciever set on Auto (which usually Pics up the best audio encoding ie..DTS or D D). I made sure that the Pan 30k is outputing sound through the digital optical. I have setup several Denons before, but I am used to Onkyo and Yamaha mostly. I know that I am probably forgetting something, but Denon's menu's are not very simple to use.

Help a frustrated Denon operator!!! If any body can help plese don't hesitate.
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is your panasonic BD-30 set to bitstream audio out or PCM?

take a look at page 21 on your Operating Instructions

you can download it from here:
now if you want DTS HD, and Dolby True HD, i think you will have to do HDMI, i am not sure if optical can carry those signals.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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