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I'm preparing to finish my basement and I'm trying to finalize the gear and wiring I'll need to do.

I've pretty much talked myself into spending the money for a Denon X4000, because of my multiroom needs (more below) and just because it seems like an awesome receiver. I have several questions that I haven't been able to figure out from reading the X4000's manual and other threads here on AVS.

First, my desired physical setup for rooms tied into this system will be:

Main room theater

Denon X4000

TV 1

7.1 speaker setup

Other video sources (Blu Ray, Roku, etc)


TV 2

2.0 speakers


TV 3

2.1 speakers


Here's the primary scenarios I want to be able to support:
  1. Play the same audio/video in Main and Bar (via HDMI3 on the X4000?)
  2. Play separate or same audio/video as Main from any X4000-attached source in Office (via HDMI2 on the X4000?)
  3. Output line-level audio from X4000's "Bar Zone" to rest of house audio system, which is separate from the zones listed here in the basement, while also playing in Main and Bar
  4. Play audio sources from the X4000 in any of the above zones with no TVs powered on

Here are my main questions that I haven't been able to sort out:

  1. Can the X4000 power the 2.0 speakers in the bar without sacrificing the 7.1 in the main area? Or will I have to have a separate amp for the bar speakers in order to still have 7.1? I thought it had enough channels that I could do this, but the manual makes it seem like I have to drop to 5.1 in the main zone if I want to power any speakers in zones 2 or 3.
  2. What's the best way to accomplish the 2.1 setup in my office while sourcing the video/audio from the X4000? Should I plan to have the speakers in there running on a separate stereo amplifier, and pull the audio from the TV's stereo out? (I'm thinking so, because I'd also like to able to switch those speakers in the office to play audio from my computer in the same room) Or alternately, could I simply use the X4000 to power the speakers in the Office zone, and run the inputs through a subwoofer? (the answer to question #1 might kill this idea though)
  3. In order to achieve #3, I somehow need to "split" one of the X4000's zoned audio outputs, so I can drive both the Bar speakers and output the signal to my house's distribution system. What's the best way to do this?
  4. In order to achieve #4, I'm thinking I need to run speaker/line level lines from the X4000 over to my office, in addition to the HDMI run...is that correct?
  5. I've read that when using the X4000 to output video to multiple HDMI zones in parallel, the main zone will be downmixed to stereo. Is this true? If so, is it true even when the zone 2 and 3 TVs are turned off, or do you also have to make sure those zones are turned off on the X4000 in order to get your surround sound back in the main zone?

I know those are some very specific questions, and their answers will impact my wiring....thank you in advance for any help.

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1. No, the AVR only supports 7CH so you would have to add a 2CH external amp to power Zone 2 speakers, otherwise drop to 5CH in the main zone.

2. Connect Zone 2 (HDMI) to another HDMI AVR with the 2.1 speakers connected to that AVR.

5. If the Zone 2 (HDMI) output is connected to an HDMI sync that can only handle stereo 2.0 (eg. TV), then when playing the same source to Zone 2 and the main, the main zone source will be down mixed to 2.0 as well, otherwise, if the Zone 2 source is off or it is connected to a 5/7CH AVR, then it will not be down mixed.

Also note that the two main zone HDMI outputs would display the same video on each with the option of either passing the audio to the surround speakers or the TV for both outputs (ie. cannot play to surround speakers to one and TV on the other as you can with the Zone 2 HDMI output).

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Thanks for addressing some of my questions. I'll plan on getting a separate amp for the bar speakers then. Do you have any recommendations on a budget-friendly amp to just drive a couple of in-ceiling speakers? Doesn't need to be all that powerful.

I'll plan on having a second AVR in my office to handle the HDMI zone 2 from the X4000. Gives me more flexibility too I guess.
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