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I am developing since quite a while a complete software (open-source) to enable users to build interfaces for their devices(control apps). I've got the most key-components done already like the visual designer or the 'driver' designer, etc...See here: github.com/mc007/xbox-app/blob/master/misc/screenshots/SCREENSHOTS.md for more

I was wondering there is a standard format for device protocols but I can't find any such thing. I only know about 'Open-Remote' and 'Start-Draw' and it seems that these vendors are doing whats best for their software which is fine. Then I was investigating a few mobile apps for Marantz and Denon,... and it seems the same story: very compelling protocol files but far from being standardized.
Possibly I am on the wrong track to find and create a universal protocol format.

However, I'd be very happy to hear from you about other software projects/products where I could get a clue about device protocols. Ideally there is already project using a format which I can support directly in our project.

well, I admit, I am a little in the dark about all that :) but this would be the workflow in our software:

1. import device protocol
2. extract/map/export protocol items to 'Device Driver Commands', ie: 'PowerOff'
3. drag 'Driver Commands' onto user-interface-elements (Buttons/Sliders)
4. adjust some settings, that's it :)

thank you,
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