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Just got this Panasonic TU-DST50. Someone told me that I can use this TU-DST50 with DIsh 5000 but I need to buy some other things. Can you pls. tell me exactly what I need to make it work with my Panasonic TU-DST50?

Also, will I still need an outdoor antenna if I have the DISH 5000 already? How do I connect the DISH 5000 together with the TU-DST50?


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The DST50 is a "set top box", which means it is fed from

an off-air antenna (or equivalent) through its coax input

connector and tunes to the digital channels in the off-air

signal. The output goes to your HDTV, using the component

video outputs of the DST50. That's what it's for, to feed

DTV/HDTV component video output to the YPbPr component

video input of your HDTV.

The DST50 also has a firewire connection for use with the

matching Panasonic PV-HD1000 D-VHS VCR, which is capable

of recording the 16:9 HDTV signal just like you see it on

your TV, in the exact digital mode it was broadcast in.

So the playback of recorded HDTV from the PV-HD1000 is

"perfect"... exactly as if you were watching HDTV live.

Naturally, the PV-HD1000 is not made any longer, although

it can be had on Ebay. The DST50 (and DST51) are the

only tuners which can control the PV-HD1000 in this digital

firewire mode, which of course makes the pair of boxes

highly desirable and very rare (and expensive). This is

the only equipment available (if you can find it) which

is capable of recording HDTV.

Now the Dish 5000 receiver (which requires Dish service,

naturally) tunes its "conventional" 4:3 satellite channels

from the 110 and 119 satellites (nothing to do with

DirectTV satellites). Depending on what packages you

subscribe to, one or both of these satellites is needed,

which means a smaller or slightly larger dish is needed,

to pick up one or both of them.

The output of the 5000 for the conventional 4:3 channels

is either S-video or RCA-video, to your TV.

Note that so far, I've made no mention of the Dish 5000

and HDTV and the DST50 (and, optionally the PV-HD1000). So

here is where they come together.

The Dish 5000 (not made or sold any longer either, but you

can find it on Ebay or at isolated sources if you're willing

to pay the bucks) has an optional high-speed data port.

And into that port goes an optional HDTV Modulator unit

(also not made or sold any longer, but if you're willing

to pay LOTS of bucks you might find one).

This modulator has an off-air antenna coax input connector,

and a DTV coax output connector. And of course it's been

plugged into the 5000 so that it also can be fed with

HDTV channels from either of the two other dish satellites

(61.5 and 148) on which Dish broadcasts its HDTV channels.

This setup, the 5000 plus HDTV Modulator, is INTENDED to

feed an outboard set top box (like the DST50) specifically

to support DTV/HDTV. The HDTV Modulator is the output

device to the STB, through its DTV output coax connector.

The DTV output of the 5000 is in 8VSB format, which can be

fed directly to the off-air antenna input of the DST50.

The DST50 accepts either direct off-air from your roof

antenna, or this 8VSB type of DTV signal. So that's how

you should connect the HDTV modulator's DTV output to the

antenna input on the DST50... RG6 coax.

You will NOT connect your off-air antenna to the DST50 in

this Dish configuration, but rather it connects to the

HDTV Modulator. And the HDTV Modulator connects to the


And you configure the 5000 receiver through its setup menu

to accept your local off-air channels (both VHF/UHF and DTV)

so that your off-air stations are tunable through it, just

like your satellite-delivered channels are tunable.

And you set up the 5000 to put out its DTV output using

channel 3, much like you'd do with a regular VCR

connected to your TV through a coax. This channel 3 output

will go out the DTV output of the HDTV Modulator and into

the DST50. This channel 3 output will only be for HDTV

channels from the 61.5/148 satellites. For the

local off-air DTV channels (picked up from your off-air

antenna into the HDTV Modulator and then into the 5000),

those channels are "passed-through" as is (except in 8VSB

form) to be independently tuned by the DST50.

Now you tune the Dish 5000... either to conventional

satellite-delivered channels, or to off-air local channels

either VHF/UHF or DTV).

When you tune conventional channels output is through

S-video or RCA-video to an appropriate TV or VCR input.

Same for tuning local off-air VHF/UHF channels, if you

really want to do that. Note that there is no output from

the HDTV Modulator when the 5000 is tuned to conventional

channels (either off-air or satellite delivered).

When you tune HDTV channels from the 61.5/148 satellite the

output is through the HDTV Modulator to the DST50 using

channel 3 (you tune the DST50 to channel 3 to pick up

whatever is coming from the 5000).

When you tune local off-air digital channels (i.e. the

DTV versions of your local networks, where off-air HDTV is

broadcast if at all) the output is again through the HDTV

modulator to the DST50 by sort of a pass-through of all the

DTV signals from your off-air antenna. In this case, it

doesn't really matter which channel your 5000 is tuned to,

you would be able to use the DST50 to tune to ANY of the

off-air DTV channels received using your off-air antenna.

And that's how you have to do it. The off-air antenna goes

into the HDTV Modulator, which is plugged into the back

of the 5000. The one or two satellite dishes you will

need also go into the 5000 (through a combination switch),

so that you can receive all satellite channels including

the HDTV channels. The off-air antenna allows you to

receive local off-air DTV/HDTV broadcasts.

The output of the HDTV Modulator goes to the input of the

DST50. If you tune the 5000 to any of the HDTV satellite

channels, you tune the DST50 to channel 3. If you tune the

5000 to off-air DTV channels (and it doesn't matter which

one you tune to), you use the DST50 to tune to the channel

of your choice. Note that if properly set up, the DST50

can be tuned to the regular local VHF network channel number

and it automatically will pick up the DTV version.

And you DO need the remote for the DST50.

Hope that helps.

(P.S. - I have been fortunate enough to have acquired ALL

of the equipment named above... Dish 5000 receiver, HDTV

Modulator, Panasonic DST50 and Panasonic PV-HD1000. There's

nothing quite like being able to time-shift HDTV broadcasts

through a D-VHS VCR.)
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