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I am a noob to DIY, i am using Aussi Bob's spreadsheet to calculate the curve. Its actually two questions. One, on the values that i get from the spreadsheet and other regarding my screen construction.

My room is 14'x10.11, i am planning to put a false wall and the new dimensions will be

12'x10.11. My throw from the lens to the new curved screen will be 10' and i am planning to go for a 106"x45" screen. Now to my questions.

1. When i enter 10' as throw and 45" as height, i get

Anamarophic 2.35 width = 8.88888 which is 106.666 close to my screen width

Radius - 26.1 ft

Sagitta - 4.4 in

New aspect Ratio - 2.327:1

The question is if i go with 2x8x10 lumber do i really have to go 4.4 in deep at the center of the wood, if thats the case can I tie a string to a pencil and go 26.1 feet back and then draw the length of the wood to get my curve? will this work? Also why is the AR 2.327:1 and not 2.35:1 will that be an issue?

2. I am planning to construct my DYI screen similar to the one in the puiture

The question is after i cut the top and bottom for the curve i will be left with 1.6" (6" - 4.4") and my vertical side will be 6" do i have to account for the 1.6" in my throw value and also what about the ends if its 6" from the wall.

I hope i did not confuse you. People who have used this spread sheet might know what i am talking about. Even if you have not used the spread sheet, i would appreciate any help.


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