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Hey Guys,

Im in the process of getting the parts for this project. I just need to hear it from someone who has a similar setup or knows someone that has.

My plan is to build a Box that will be used purely for the lounge room...ie it will be outputting to a Television ONLY. I will be watching DVD's, DIVX's and MPG's. My system spec that I have decided on is like this...

Windows XP Pro

Asus A7v133 MoBo

Duron/Thunderbird 800Mhz and onwards

256Mbs PC133 Ram

The following is what I'm not certain about and would like some help with....:(

Sound Card

AGP Card with TV Out
DVD Decoding Card REALmagic Xcard with Remote Control

I dont know what type of AGP Card to get and whether or not I need a DVD Decoder card to playback on a Television Set....?

All I know is that I need a TV Out on the AGP Card.

I am leaning towards an ATI based GFX card purely for the TV out Capabilites.

Will this hardware be enuf for my intended purposes..?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated...:)

BTW....I dont have alot of money for this project.

Thnx for the replies


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I have done something similar, the only difference is I added a video capture card, and I do a little gaming.

I would recommend the ATI 7500 AGP card. I tried the 7200, but it was a bit slow during regular use for my taste.

The 7500 is faster for regular use, and of course for gaming. The TV out feature works well. Its configuration is

very flexible.

For soundcard, I use the "Fortissimo II - Digital Edition". It has 1 optical input and 1 optical output port,

as well as you usual analog outputs. Sound quality is very good.

You will need some large harddrives, if you plan to store your Divx stuff on the harddrive. At least 40 GB.

A fast processor (over 1 ghz) will help for video processing (ie. converting to Divx from avi or mpeg 2).

I do not think you will HAVE to add a DVD decoder card. An 800 Mhz processor should have enough horsepower to do it,

on its own, plus the ATI radeon cards help somewhat.

I would not spend a whole lot of money on a motherboard, especially if you get an INTEL processor. I bought

mine for $50 (local retail store) and have no problems with it. It has support for AGP 4x, PC2100 ddr and ATA100.

Also, if you do not want to spend a whole lot of money, you might want to look at the mobo's which have audio,

ethernet, and video built in (with TV out). They are not the best/fastest things out there, but hey, they get the

job done adequately and you don't have to clean out the bank.


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Hey Hobbieman,

Thnx for the reply...:)

I wont be playing games on this system, as I will have it in the lounge room 24/7 prob. She will only be used for watching DIVX's and maybe the occasional surfing(if I end up getting a router/hub/switch) permantently hook up to the television.

I will be doing the conversions(Rar Files..:p) on my system which is what you see in my Sig...:)

I plan to have 2 NICS in my system, and just network up the DIVX Box via the other NIC in my system and then transfer the DIVX via the NIC's to the DIVX Box.

The hardware I have so far for the DIVX Box is....

Asus a7v133

256Mbs PC133 SDRam

Lite On 16x DVD

8Gb HDD.....(the DIVX's wont be staying long on the HDD)

Im still looking for a Duron or Thunderbird around 800Mhz 2nd Hand...:(

The Video Card im looking at, as its only $115AUS New, is this one , as its the tv out that im interested in right???

Do you think I have enough MHZ to playback DIVX on the Tele with that GFX Card....?

If not....do you suggest a higher Mhz cpu or a better GFX Card??

Thnx for the help...:)


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I don't know if you are still reading this thread, but I am curious,

why use TWO NIC cards on your main pc? Why not network using

an ethernet switch?

IMHO, the horsepower needed for playing DIVX files is required mainly

in the CPU. DIVX is not mpeg2 and therefore mpeg hw acceleration

on the video card will not help. So, yes the video card should be

good enough.

Oh, and yeah, it is the S-video out that you want from the video card.

According to most people in this forum, ATI has the best TV output,

but I am not sure if they mean through S-video or through a vga

converter box... Anyway, I am really enjoying my setup, especially

with the recordings of the WorldCup matches...

Let me know how it comes out.

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