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I currently have a Samsung LNS4051D display, a Samsung QT70 home theater, and a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD dvr. Both the home theater and the dvr are hooked straight to my tv via hdmi. I'm getting 5.1 fine out of the home theater system when playing dvd's, but can only get Pro Logic II when watching cable. By the way- out of necessity (number of available ports), I'm running the tv's sound optical out into the home theater reciever- it only has one optical in. I have to run all my optical audio through a switcher in order to get all my devices' audio into the single optical port on the QT70. Does anyone know why, even though the tv, the home theater, and the dvr are 5.1 capable, I'm still not able to get 5.1 surround out of my cable? I've been through manuals and setups for every one of the pieces... maybe I'm missing something? Thanks for any help.
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