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Help with Getting a picture from HDMI input to a Compenent output with Onkyo 708

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Struggling and frustrated with the Onkyo menu. I'm somewhat new to Onkyo's menu so please forgive my stupidity.

Currently have component out to a JVC HD 250 projector and I'm using HDMI inputs for Blue Ray and Dish.

Would really appreciate your help. I do have Audio but no picture. I can hook component directly to source and get a picture so I'm assuming it's a setting on the receiver.

Thanks for your assistance

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no can do... if signal comes in on hdmi, it has to go out on hdmi...

that's not unique to onkyo's...
It's not cheap, but you can use the HDMI out on the Onkyo.

But you have to plug an HD Fury between it and the TV.
Page 22 of your manual shows the video signal flow charts, and page 94 shows the various resolutions available for each in/out. If you want to input hdmi & output component, you need to move up to the next model, the 808.
EVERYONE who wants to use component video runs to their display should own an HD Fury.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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