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Video enthusiasts:

Please help me integrate HD sources and distribute them to a PC and TV. Here is the problem in a nutshell.

I have as HD video sources:

OTA HDTV receiver with component outputs

IPTV HDTV receiver with component outputs

Blu-Ray player with compoment outputs (soon)

I have as display devices:

Shuttle XPC with 22" widescreen monitor (PCI slot open)

Older 42" plasma w/ VGA and component (no HDMI) inputs

I would like to be able to watch any of the HD sources on either or both display devices without time disparities between them, since they are in different rooms but can be overheard from each other. Further, the PC video needs to appear in a window so it can be used for surfing, email, etc. while the video is being shown. I'm willing to require that both displays watch the same source at the same time, if necessary.

Is this possible?

I can't seem to find any option for bringing an HD source into a PC for viewing in a window except for the Happauge HDPVR, and it has a 1/2 second lag between "live" video and it's passthrough. I've heard of the blackmajic intensity, too, but is that my only option? Does it have a significant lag?

Thanks in advance.

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