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Help with hooking up HK AVR325

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Anyone out there have one? I am getting in all of my speakers and need help hooking everything up to the HK325. First time doing this.

Here is what I have:

LG 50PS60 plasma.

Magnavox NB500MGX Blu-Ray (Walmart cheapo).

Energy RC-10 L/R fronts.

Energy RC-Mini CC center.

Energy S8.3 subwoofer.

I will be adding 2 RC-Mini bookshelf speakers as rears later.

The Blu-Ray is hooked to the LG via HDMI. I think optical audio cables out of the TV go to optical in on the HK. I see where the speakers go on the attached diagram but would like to know if there is anything else I need to do. What kind of cable do I use for the subwoofer? Am I missing anything else here?


AVR325RrPnlCnnctns.pdf 128.38671875k . file


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on an older receiver like the 325

video straight to TV

audio straight to AVR

do NOT run optical out of the TV (unless you are using the internal tuner of the TV and not an external cable box). the Blu-Ray should have a direct optical connection to the AVR.

for subwoofer, just get a nice digital coax cable like this one:
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