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My wife runs a community where we have a fitness room that has been empty for years - she got approval to get new equipment (that arrives at the end of January), and her boss said to also get a lcd tv for the wall in there.

Wife then says to me "look that stuff up for me online and find me a deal on a tv and mount" I won't go into stores or prices, but the first thing I thought of was theft. The neighborhood isn't bad, and the residents are for the most part nice, and to get to the fitness room you have to pass the offices of my wife and her assistant... and there is no "backdoor exit" or anything so at least that is a big plus (you can't walk by with it in hand without one of the two offices seeing it).

Any advice on what I can suggest to them to help keep it from walking away - any security cords, alarmed cords or something? I am also suggesting they get a quick easy to install wireless camera in there with the monitor going in her office for viewing...for not only the tv but the equipment too so people aren't horsing around on it etc.

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