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Just purchased a HRT Music Streamer II DAC to use with my Macbook Pro and Dynaudio MC 15 Speakers. Running the Music Streamer via usb to my Macbook PRO. Running audio cables from the Music Streamer to my Dynaudio Speakers. Followed Musicstreamer directions and went into system preferences - sound and set the musicstreamer as my output source. Musicstreamer automatically sets the volume output at full volume. Started up itunes and volume is at FULL Level. Thinking there is no problem, will use the volume control keys on the keyboard to turn the volume down. Volume control keys on keyboard do not work. Will not allow me to adjust volume. Volume is "stuck" at full.

Go back to settings and switch back to output source as internal speakers. Confirm that my keyboard is allowing me to control volume level. As soon as I switch output back to Music Streamer, volume is at full level. Check instructions and the Mac instructions for the Musicstremer say that you can control the volume from the keyboard. Running OSX v 10.6.5.

Any suggestions?
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