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I have recently acquired a LG HTiB BH6730 and a Yamaha RX 375 Receiver. I want to be able to hook my TV, Xbox and Blu Ray to the AVR and have it all play through the surround sound. I beleive I have seen enough to confirm the speakers will all hook up to the AVR with no problem. The problem I have is with the Subwoofer. The LG subwoofer is a passive sub, but the AVR only has a Pre Amp Out. My understanding is that I need to modify the connector from the sub and buy a small amp for it. Then just hook the Pre Amp Out to the amp with the sub connected to the amp. I have a few questions regarding this set up.


1. Will it this allow the sub to work with the AVR?

2. With an HDMI to the AVR from the Xbox and the Blu ray, and an HDMI out from the AVR to the TV, will I be able to hear all sound through the surround sound speakers?

3. What are some recommended amps for something like this?


Thanks for helping an obvious newbie out!
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