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Help with HTPC and Sanyo PLV-Z2

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I am reposting this question here. It is on another couple forum areas but I think this forum may be appropriate as well.

I have a 3 yr old PLV-Z2 that I have been trying to connect to a PC through the DVI connection. The cable I used was a 10 ft long DVI dual digital type connected to a Nvidia dual DVI output card 6800 XT. I cannot get the computer to display on the projector . I have the projector set on Input 2 configured to digital pc input. I get display when the PC is booting up but as soon as XP starts the projector screen goes blue.

If anyone has had any luck displaying PC's with the Z2 please advise how you were set up.

I am testing this to see if I could get PC gaming to work in our HT. I wanted to run a test to see what PC gaming picture quality is like compared to XBox360 ( this is my only benchmark I have tried with the Z2). If it comparable I want to buy a new PC and set it up as a HTPC.

I spent another few hours trying to get this thing working. I reinstalled the video card drivers and the card sees the Z2 but when I go into the nvidia control panel to set to dual view mode as soon as I make any settings which include the Z2 and hit the preview settings button , the computer reboots. This happens everytime, reverting back to single view with the computer monitor.

It is very frustrating, I been doing some searching and apparently there are many other cases of communication problems with the DVI port on some monitors but I never heard of the computer reboot issue that I get.

When I have been setting up the projector it is being set as another monitor not a HDTV in the nvidia control panel.

I am wondering if anyone has set the projector as a TV in the nvidia menu and also has anyone tried using the HDTV adapter and component video cables instead of the DVI port as I am thinking the DVI D output may be the problem.

Maybe an ATI card would be better ?

Also if anyone has any comment on the graphics display versus the XBOX 360 I would appreciate it .

Thanks to all for any help.
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I never used DVI on my Z2; I only use VGA and when I first got it ran component just testing it so I can at least tell you that works fine. I do seem to remember (and I may remember wrong) that early firmware versions of the Z2 had dvi issues. Having said that if your computer is crashing I would look there first. Try newer of maybe older video drivers as a start. What happens if you just make the Z2 the only display?
I use DVI, what res are you running?

Ive never had any problem running it with 1280x720 from ATI cards (now on my 3rd since having this projector), but I am not runnning a dual view mode either, just using the projector as a single monitor. That being said I have a cousin who has the same projector running off of nvidia cards without any problems.

All I can think of is to maybe double check the res and refresh you are trying to pass, PC res wise I dont think it will take higher then 1024x768 (cant confirm without digging up manual which I am not going to do), but it will take HD res's like 720p ([email protected]).

As I said in your other thread, I run my PC into my Z2 and it works fine at 1280x720. It has firmware 1.08 (I think the latest firmware is 1.09). You should check to see what firmware your Z2 is using.

If your machine is rebooting, perhaps you are having power supply issues. It is true that early Z2 models had DVI issues, but I don't see how this would cause your computer to reboot. All that would happen is the computer would say it can't find the second monitor. It is possible that trying to run two monitors would cause the videocard to draw more power, causing the power supply to overload and restart.
i use my Z2 with DVI out of my computer as well..
I don't believe I have ever tried it in dual-view mode, but I have no problems using mine with a 6800 in single-display mode. I do boot it up with another monitor (also DVI) connected and then switch displays using the dual view->single display->(projector). The only thing I have ever had to do is to set up the resolution in custom res the first time I used it.

I would suggest setting whatever monitor you are using to something smallish, like 1024x768, then try to switch over to the projector. Assuming you get an image after that, you can then set your proper resolution up and it should retain it.

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