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Read through some old threads, but didn't find it what I would like to do is possible.

I would like some in-ceiling speakers for simple background music in one kitchen and two bedrooms. I have a centrally located coat closet that I can put an amp.

My question though is in the details I guess.

I have two hi-fi setups, a 2.1 channel set up in living room with a B&K pre-amp/power amp. In the HT room I have a more advanced pioneer HT amp and 5.1 set up.

I recently bought a sonamp (asap2) that I hope will help with this sort of thing.

Specifically I'm thinking I would like to put 1 speaker in each room that I want audio. My house is small and rooms are small, so I think two speakers in each is overkill. I'm also thinking that mono might be better for this type of application (with one speaker, obviously, but I might have 2 in the larger bedroom but still do mono)

I have mono out on my pre-amp (which I find kind of weird, but perhaps useful as opposed to a mono/stereo switch on the back)

So can I run rca cables out from the mono L/R outputs on pre-amp to sonance amp and then from there run to two speakers which would both be mono? Better yet, could I run to 4 speakers that were all mono by splitting this signal somewhere? I have read threads about speaker selectors being used.. could I get 4 speakers from a 2 channel signal with one of these maybe?

There seem to be a lot of ways to do this but this seemed to make sense and be the most basic.

I would be able to control things hopefully with an iphone and itunes if playing from computer. My pre-amp doesn't even have a remote, so if I'm playing vinyl or FM I won't have any volume control but that's OK I think.

Is this going to work?

Thanks for any help

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