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I have verizon Fios (philadelphia). Just learned today that I am not getting a strong enough signal to my box. coming into my house, the fios cable goes into an 8-way splitter (thats probably there from when they installed it 6-7 yrs ago!). The 8 outlets on the splitter say 12.8db. talking to the fios tech they say I should be getting like 20-30db to the b/x and tv?

So before I go and buy some amplified splitter wanted to see what I really need to know to get the best picture to my HDTV.

PS - I have a total of 4 tvs in the house, but only one is HD (in my man cave :) ) so thats the one I'm concerned about. This TV is about 25 feet from the Fios inlet area in my basement.
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