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Help with inspiration for adjoining theater and game rooms

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I'll be building such an area about the garage. Have 30 by 24 feet to work with. I want to "semi" separate the rooms, both to give better sound in the theater and to ensure a theater-like experience when that's all that's going on in the area. On the other hand, if I'm hosting a bigger gathering for poker or a sporting event, I'd like people to be able to move freely back and forth between the two rooms. Soundproofing between the rooms is not necessary, but light control is. The rooms will run side by side, each 24 feet long and 15 feet wide.

I'm having a hard time visualizing the best way to accomplish this. I don't really want to install double doors but that may be my best option. Would like to see pics of such a setup.

Has anyone done something with columns or partial walls that might suit the purpose? If so, would love to see pictures.

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Geeze - remember "theater" or that WOW, this is just like the movies!!! when you have a projector lighting up a big wall screen - the rest is just decoration.

Why not have one BIG open area (what we did) - bunch of pinball machines, foosball, big bar and seating large, comfy bar chairs - lights out it's a "theater" - some lights on or games lit up and the BIG GAME is on then it becomes a sports bar - dedicated theater rooms are dark spaces wherein people sit quietly in the dark and stare at a wall screen
- we prefer out big, multi-purpose room.
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