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I am new to all this, but very interested.Was just wondering what others thought could be done best with this space. Not the biggest but from looking around in the forums I would like to try something more than what I have now. Was wondering what it would be like with bigger at screen that took up just about the entire back wall? The only problem would be getting everything as centered as possible as far as seating I am thinking. Maybe get a sectional couch that would go along side wall then out into room. I want to get a fixed screen for sure so just looking for any and all ideas anyone might have. Also how do you think it would work if I put in wall speakers behind the stairs? Should work I am thinking if I just centered them on that back wall.

Current equipment is: Epson 3020 projector, Yamaha RX-V573 receiver, Onkyo 530 speakers from old setup, 106" screen


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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