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I've been toying for about a year now on how to setup my theater in our living room. I've finally ordered my surround speakers and center channel so it's time to put a plan in action.

A little information about the room, it is on the first floor of a 2 story home with a basement. The space directly below the room is actually a garage which is drywalled. The rest of the basement is unfinished. The garage, although larger, is roughly the same size as the room, 20x25. I wouldn't think I would have access to the space with the 2nd story above.

I've attached a photo which shows nearly three full walls in the room:
  • The front wall is on the left, contains the tv
  • the "side" wall is the wall with the opening. in the middle of the photo
  • The Rear wall is on the right of the photo. The wall with the countertop.

I would define success for this project as getting a rear surround speaker on the back wall while cleanly routing the speaker wire from the receiver to speaker. I'm open to any and all proposed solutions for getting this accomplished.

The options as far as I see them so far are:
  1. Run a flat white cable along the baseboard then over the door frame and finally up to the speaker.
  2. Run a speaker wire to the side wall, down to the basement, and back up to the speaker
  3. Move all of the stereo equipment, DTV receiver, A/V Receiver, Media PC to the basement and run an HDMI cable to the TV and speaker wires to all of the speakers from the basement.

Option 1 is probably the easiest, but would likely look the worst and I fear damage to the baseboard and wall opening frame.

Option 2, is probably doable but difficult with the drywalled garage. But, if I'm going through the trouble with one speaker cable, why not move everything which leads to option 3.

Option 3, are their products for power indication of devices. My wife is paranoid if the equipment is the basement how will we know if it's on/off, and have trouble controlling, etc?

So, long story short, what's the best way for me to get surround in that room in a wife approved neat fashion?


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Originally Posted by mklein49 /forum/post/18218009

...if I'm going through the trouble with one speaker cable, why not move everything...

You'll be better off easier access to the gear. So don't move everything to the basement just because you're running a couple of speaker wires through there (as you can guess, I would do option 2).

As for the surrounds, I would place them in the back corners of the room, pointing towards the sweet spot, mounted at least a couple of feet above ear level. The multiple reflective surfaces will help provide greater envelopment. The wide spread will help maintain stereo separation in the surround field. Placing them rearward of the listeners will allow for some phantom imaging in the middle of the back wall.

Good Luck,
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