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help with me ps3 5.1 reciever

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hi im new at 5.1 and recievers ive plugged my ps3 via optical cable to my LH-T6749 LG reciever now the system selects between dobly dts or 2 channel sound but every time theres no sound the speakers seems to "turn off" i think this is normal because of the optical but, when i play a song or star a video everytime theres no sound the speakers "turn off" and "turn on" 2 secs after the sound has started again. Is this an issue because the receiver spends 2 secs on selecting the correct output audio format or this can be because my reciever isnt as good as a bose one or maybe my ps3/reciever input/output is dirty(ive cleaned them already). maybe im wrong can someone help me??
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Typically there is a slight delay with Optical. 2 seconds seems a bit long..but it could be your LG receiver. As for Bose stuff....tread lightly there... Bose is liked around here bout as much as Microsoft at a Linux convention.
Your PS3

Settings at

Bitstream or PCM?
the reciever lights the pcm but actually my settings are in bitstream for bd/dvd under bd/dvd settings and my audio setting are linear pcm 44/48 checked by default(uncheckable 0_o dunno if its a right term ; ) ) and i checked dts 5.1, dolby and aac
sorry about the bose im just a noob here
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