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Help with Mitsubishi LVP-390U.

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I have a Mitsubishi LVP-390U since february and find the

picture tinged with green. I tried to correct it via the

controls (color temperature, color matrix etc..) whithout success. Could the unit be defective?

Thank you for your help.

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Please tell me what and how your sources are connected to it....


I have a Philips SACD-1000 (DVD video player and SACD multichannel player) and I use a S-Video connection since the european model doesn't have component (the cable is a 35 feet Bandrigde Profigold - around 30$ here in Europe).

Thank you very much for your attention.
I currently have a Mits x390 and consider the S-Video in as unacceptable. The internal scaler is not very good. I am using a HTPC and the picture is excellent. Using even an inexpensive DVDO will make a huge difference.
Hi leckian,

I will certainly give the HTPC solution (and DVDO) a try.

However, I tried the Mits with a cinematrix (sort of a high performance scaler inside a Sony 7700) and found very little improvement as for the damn green on the image!

Have you ever experienced this specific problem in any of

your setups?

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This is my first experience with Mits and I have had unit for one week. The picture with S-Video input was not green it was just lousy scaling. With the HTPC and the Mits I got an immediate gorgeous picture with both the HTPC Video Overlay and the projector set at defaults. There has never been a hint of green. I would think with the cinematrix you have a spectacular picture. I would try testing unit with much shorter lengths of cable and different cables to see if there is any difference. If not I would ask for a replacement from dealer or Mits.

Lenny Eckian
Looks like I have to go for the dealer route, since I tried

also shorter (and more expensive) S-Video cables whitout success.

Thank you for your help anyway.

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