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Hey everyone, this is my first post ever but I have spent many hours looking at the forum and getting a lot of good ideas and tips.

I'm moving into a new rental house with a spare bedroom that I want to convert into a HT. It's a rather small room at 12'5"x9'10" but after looking at other members small HT's I am feeling hopeful.

I'm just looking to get any feedback on what you think would be the best setup. I've included a quick sketchup I did just to get an idea of the space.

I'll be running an Epson 8500UB with SVS tower speakers up front, bi-pole surrounds and an SVS PC-12NSD sub.

My main questions: any ideas on seating? I'd really like to have at least five seated comfortably but I might just have to be selfish and stick with two or three. It seems like that's what most people in my situation have done.

I really like a big screen (who doesn't) and I've looked at all the screen calculators and distance calculators but what do you think the is biggest screen I could push in such a small room?

There is also a closet in the room that I plan on using for a media closet but I was also considering putting my sub in the closet to free up some space. Is this a terrible idea? maybe I should just experiment and see?

We are moving to the house in a few days and I want to have good idea of what I'm going to do before I start setting it up. Any input is greatly appreciated! Sorry if my format is way off, again this is my first post!

Okay well apparently I only saved one image from my sketch! As you can barely see the sub is behind the couch and the closet is on the back wall. Sorry for the limited information! I'll post more pics once I re-sketch it.
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