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Help with my Samsung B630.....

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1) Help with settings I would appreciate it:

I have a 18x18 family room that is well lighted.

My TV setup is at one end of the room and the seating area is about 6-8ft in front of TV.

So back of couch bleeds into kitchen & sun room.

To go with the B630 I have the Sony HT CT500 and Sony Blur Ray, Comcast HD Box, Sony iPod dock and Sirius radio all to my CT500.

I watch a lot of Hockey and some other sports, some Home shows and some other odds and ends TV shows.

I watch some music concerts on the blue ray and mostly kid movies. Mainly use the sound bar for music playing.

ANY HELP WITH SETTINGS would be great.I would appreciate the help since I am new to HD.

2) Why sometimes the picture doesn't fit screen? I get letter boxing lines is below & above, why?

For example on ESPN the ticker at the bottom is cut off and on NHL Network the bottom ticker is cut off and when the scoreboard clock is at top of screen is cut off. Is there a setting that I have incorrect or I should have my screen certain size for different events (16:9 or..)
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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