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help with new MCE

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Ok, so I have a Dell Dimension 9150 with 3ghz 1.5GB RAM and a 6600GT video card.

I also have a 24" Dell Widescreen LCD (hooked in through DVI) and a Sony HDTV (hooked in through component cables).

I have XP. I just bought the full version of MCE 2005. I will be getting it in the mail today. Do I need to format my computer before installing this new OS? Or can I keep everything and install MCE OVER XP?

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It cannot be installed on top of XP you need to be on a partition that does not contain an OS so if you only have one partition and are unable to make another partition then you will need to reformat it.
MCE is an operating of itself, its basically Windows XP Pro but with the added MCE features and functions.

And as with any new OS install it it always recommended to first delete any partitions, format the drive and start over from scratch and install the OS.

To save yourself the time and troubles, backup everything you want or need and then go from there, it will save you a lot of time and headaches later on.

- Josh
Hey Guys, just went through the install myself. backup all your wanted files and format. BMore09, if you have the oem version, during install when it asks for the sevice pack 2? disc, put the mce disc 1 back in. took me awhile to figure out that one.

quick question about vid cards for mce, any recomendations on a mce suported vidcard with capture capablilities? my old card was a AIW 7500 which sadly dosen't work with mce.
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