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Hey guys been out of the game for a while and need a new receiver for my eD system, I have a6 towers a6 center and a4 rears, I really only want to spend 5 hundred or so but I'm really loving the looks of the marantz 5006 how would this compare to the new harmons, i almost pulled the trigger a few years ago on the 354 i think it was and looking at the 2650 the marantz seems to have much better specs. Am i missing another contender? I will be using for my gaming/htpc and ps3. I like the price of the 1650 but would i be much better off saving a little bit more for the 5006, and will this be sufficient power for my a6 towers or should i go a different route. I would much rather be patient and save a little bit more for sound q.

Thanks ahead..

edit: just noticed how great the prices on amazon are for the h/k 3600 i will add the 3600 in the mix at 483 seems like the best bang for the buck? I think its going to be hard not to choose this model, does it play well with the ps3?
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