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I have an RX-V1600 that I am using in my bedroom with the following connections:

RX-V1600 input set to CBL/SAT


Projector - HDMI OUT

Wireless headphones - headphone out

This was OK for a while, but now I'm tired of having to use headphones and don't want speakers all over the room. I have a YSP-600 sound bar that is collecting dust that fits perfectly on the fireplace mantle without looking out of place, and there is existing wiring in the wall there that I can use to fish an optical cable up to. My plan was to connect the YSP to the RX-V via optical and have the sound bar take care of virtual surround processing. Problem is, I get no sound at all when using either the MD or CD optical out ports on the RX-V1600. I can connect via the WDTV optical out, but I want the sound bar connected to the receiver for when I eventually add more components.

The manual is pretty vague when it comes to the optical outs, but at least it confirms that audio input via HDMI IN is channeled to the optical ports. Can anyone help me figure this out?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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