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I bought the HD66 in October and I have it set up to display a 120" 16:9 picture on my Elite Screens CineWhite screen with much better results then I expected. To my eyes the picture is better then the Epson Home Cinema 1080 that it replaced. Maybe not quite as sharp, but much better blacks and color.

I'm having a problem with the greyscale alignment though. I am using an I1 Display LT color meter with ColorHCFR software and the AVCHD files. No matter what I do the RGB Gain and Bias controls have NO effect. I can set then as far + or - as they go and there is NO change to the greyscale result. All of the other controls work, Brightness, contrast, sharpness, color temp, and Brilliant Color all function. I've tried with Brilliant Color at 0 and every other combination, but NO effect from RGB Gain or Bias. With Brilliant Color and color temp I can get pretty good tracking from 30 IRE up. But there is a constant Red Push. Below 30 IRE Red goes sky high and Blue goes really low.

I also went to the service menu and tried to adjust the 2431 Color, which adjusts the DDP2430 Color and Hue, with NO effect.

This has the latest firmware and does DLP Link 3D just fine.

Has anyone else tried to do a calibration on this projector? What are your results?
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