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We are new property owners of a 10 acre lot up in the Sangre De Cristo Ranches area in the SDCR Mountain range. We are at about 8500 elevation and we just put a small cabin on our property. We have a TV and we are experimenting with what type of antenna is needed to pick up OTA stations, which could be as far away as New Mexico, or Pueblo or even farther.


I see so many extreme fringe long range antennas and I have seen anternnas that claim to pick up stations from 150+ miles, while the standard antennas claim a range of about 60 to 65 miles. All I know is I need help from someone who has lived in the area a bit longer than we have. We are south to southwest of I-25, off of Hwy 160, off of Hwy 159 between Fort Garland and San Luis, CO.

I have heard of the DB8e, the Winegard HD-8800,  Channel Master 2020, and the HDB91x. Is there anyone that knows or has had success in that area pulling in more than channel 39? That is the only channel we get. I am thinking we have channels that are close to 100 miles away or furtherWe are in the middle of the mountain range, but we look north down out over the San Luis Valley, so I would think we would be able to pick up other channels. We will have our antenna mounted on a pole anywhere from 10 to 20 ft above the ground, but since we are at 8500, we should have some choices here.


What should we do, what should we buy, how should we mount the antenna and which direction should we point it. We would appreciate any help we can get.




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