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help with outdoor pa/loud speaker

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hi i nee help with making a outdoor / pa / loud speaker

it is for my boat for the wakeboard tower

for sound on the water while skiing / wakeboarding

i would like to use horn tweeters or Bullet Tweeters and 6 1/2 mids

horns i like no order just # for help

1 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=264-308

2 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=270-306

3 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=264-240

4 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=272-102

5 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=270-049


need to be poly cone or something not paper

cross over premade like this
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so no one know how to make a pa / loud speaker

looking for

2 -6.5 and tweeter

so a total of

4- 6.5

and 2 tweeters
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Take an SPL meter with you the next time you go wakeboarding. I think the ambient sound level is going to be prohibitively high.

If you really need music while wakeboarding you might want to consider using headphones, unless your budget for speakers is much higher than the products in the links you posted
You haven't said anything about amplifiers, enclosures, nor how weather/salt/water resistant your drivers need to be. Poly cones by themselves will not be enough to deal with marine corrosion.

The point already made about noise levels is a good one. Sound radiates spherically which means that for any given power level the SPL drops exponentially with the distance to the listener. Take any home or auto setup, measure the SPL a few feet and then move away to the wake boarder's distance.

PA systems have different design requirements than home or car audio, and different speaker driver designs and arrays have very different effects on the SPL and frequency response at the listening position. Some examples. Drivers arrayed in a vertical stack will have better horizontal response compared to an horizontal array. Some tweeter designs have very narrow coverage, they could be said to beam as frequency increases. Horns tend to be more efficient (greater output/per watt of input) than cone and dome drivers.

You might be better off looking specifically for PA speaker drivers; weatherized and designed for that use.

I suggest that you do measure the ambient sound level, and using home speakers determine the sound level you need at the boarder's location. Consider whether you want narrow coverage or wide. Each speaker you look at has an efficiency spec of SPL/watt at some distance. You can use that as a very rough guide for determining how many speaker drivers and what amplifier you will need.

Finally, I don't know where you put your boat in, but is some locations a PA system would be considered intrusive into the enjoyment of other boaters and those on nearby beaches.
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I suggest just spending the money and buying a prebuilt speaker setup.
fresh water only i live in kc mo

there are a few prebuilt speaker setup that use horn tweeters and they get great reveiw

but the cost $$$

i only boat on the week days i work on the weakend

when i boat there are only a few other boats like 3 4 at the most

no beaches

off the lake by the time the fishers come out to fish

and if some one asked me to kill the sound i would at least turn it down or off

look at a L/R set up with a horn and 3 6.5 or 8"

at 8 ohm will put me at 2ohm

fiberglass custom box

amp will be 2 ohm stable 2ch with power to fit the speakers

lots of guys use car audio

like 4--6 6.5 or 9x9s

and they say it is just not right

so i thought a pa setup would project the sound out in more of a line

caudio and home audio is ment to fill a car or room in a house
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The only problem with using car audio stuff is that it is not very water resistant.
ya but kicker polk jbl pioner and more have marine audio it is just car audio that past a test
How much does wetsound charge for the speaker you like ?

How much money to do you want to spend?
thylanter, the wetsound systems are in the $600-$1600 range. This is for the speakers only (no amps). A wakeboarding tower speaker needs to be directional (it's for the skier, not the people in the boat... they have their own speakers). It also needs to be robust (corrosion resistant), waterproof, visually appealing and it has to clamp to the tower.

jacoviii, my buddy just got some MBQuarts for his boat and really likes them. Frankly you are not going to be able to make something that will last (unless you have access to metal working equipment and a plating factory). Suck it up and drop the $500 for a nice pair of speakers (Ebay has some decent stuff from time to time).

Take an SPL meter with you the next time you go wakeboarding. I think the ambient sound level is going to be prohibitively high.

Wakeboarding is a lot slower than skiing and the sound level is greatly reduced.
You can look for compression drivers with replaceable diaphrams just in case you

toast a tweeter, only the diaphram gets replaced, the rest of the tweeter is good to go.

Enter 'diaphragm' in the PE search window and analyze the costs of the diaphrams for

various drivers and find something you like.


Get some high sensitivity mids to get higher SPL with less watts.

B&C 6PEV13 6-1/2" Midrange

->SPL: 99 dB 1W/1m

->Aluminum voice coil on fiberglass former

->Loudspeaker cones are treated with a special stiffening finish

The cone should be water proof.. do a simple test to find out. If not, I have an idea

you implement to make the cone {not driver} water proof.

See if they sell B&C replacement diaphrams for their 1" compression drivers. Find

a horn lense you like that fits.
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