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Help with Output to Zone 2/3

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Hi all,

Wondering if someone can help me with solving a problem. Currently I have an Onkyo TX-RZ810. 5.1 currently with output to an Onkyo M-282 amp to the speakers I have in the other rooms of my home. The issue that I have is getting the sound from my Xfinity source to zone 2/3. The current Onkyo will not output sources connected via HDMI to zone2/3. I got around this by adding analog cables connecting the cable box to the AVR. But the new cable box only supports a single HDMI output.

So what's the easiest way to get around this? Do the new receivers support output of the HDMI sources to zone2/3 or is there something that I can do to the current set up since the work around I have been using is no longer available?

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I had the same problem with my previous Denon AVR setup; wouldn't pass analog audio to Zone 2 with a digital (HDMI) input.

The workaround for me was a "4K HDMI TO HDMI+Audio Converter" which is basically a small HDMI pass-through box that goes in line between your cable box and AVR and breaks out coaxial (analog) RCA outputs that you can place through available auxiliary input to the zones on your AVR.

The part I purchased was a "CS-HDMABO" from Crutchfield.

As it turns out, in upgrading to HEOS system at the time, the signals from cable, Blu-ray and streaming gets "magically" passed to all the zones (not surprising since the whole HEOS system is basically a streaming format), so I never got to use the converter. That said, I recall there were a lot of options available, so would suggest mousing around online and see what's out there.

Good Luck
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@fiji4118 yes most newer receivers, or a little older higher end models have hdmi digital sources to zone 2/3.

You might be able to get around it by playing the source in zone 1 and then doing all channel stereo? I am not sure though if that will be output via the zone 2 preouts?
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