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Using the newest drivers on the card. The card is a BFG 8600GT OC 512M PCIX. Using Windows 7 RC 32 bit.

I am running into a problem since i purchased a new Yamaha receiver (HTR6160). Before i had my HTPC connected directly to my TV(Dell W3707C) using component cables. There was over scan and i used the desktop re-size in the nvidia control panel to make everything fit perfect.

Now, i am running my HTPC via component cables into the yamaha receiver, and the receiver is outputting the signal via HDMI to the tv. There is now over scan using any resolution i pick. When i try to use the re-size desktop in the nvidia control panel, only the vertical size bar shows up. It is over scanning so bad that i can't see the horizontal slide bar. It also does not appear to be centered.

I believe part of the problem is the craptastic Dell tv, however everything was working fine prior to the receiver. Is the receiver doing something to the resolution?

Thanks for the help.
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