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Hi Avs Forum,

I bought a Panasonic TH-37pa20 plasma two years ago but have only just realised that the shop gave me the wrong remote control - i have a TNQE286 but recentely i downloaded the user guide from panasonic and the correct remote is a (N2QAJB000081) - as i've just upgraded to a new pioneer hi def 42'' i don't want to buy a replacement remote but does anyone know if it's possible to activate the multi window function with out the correct remote - ie can it be done from the panel or is there a combination of button presses from the TNQ or any other remote - the multi window button is pretty much the only missing button on my remote which appears on the N2QAJB000081.

any advice about remote cheats that might let me see the pic in pic function before i get rid much appreciated!!


tim davies
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