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My new 4270 was delivered today and I'm having a little trouble setting up the tuner. I have an off-air antenna for local HD broadcasts plugged in to Ant A and cable plugged in to B (since I have basic cable without digital). I let the tv go through the auto pre-set channel setup and it found all the local off-air channels including regular channels and all their corresponding digital channels. Now I'd like to "Skip" all the regular channels so I only see the HD channels but when I go to the Keep/Skip selection, no channels show up for me to skip. On ant B, I can use the Keep/Skip function and when I tried reversing the antennas it also worked on both A & B. It only doesn't work when the off-air antenna is connected to the digital ant A.

Has anyone else seen this ? How do I fix this? Can I reset the tuner to factory setup to start from scratch? Would that even help?

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