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Hello everyone!

I want to ask you guys on the forums if you could help me with a problem. I've got. So I bought this Philips TV and I fiddled with it because I couldn't get a Just Scan picture without putting the TV into PC mode, which as a result cut me off from advanced settings such as black level adjustment and sharpness.

So I fiddled around with the service menu and I edited some of the values that were arranged in two vertical columns and eight or so horizontal ones and all of a sudden... the TV started recognizing itself as a Philips Magnavox TV!

I called tech support and they said I needed to contact another company since my warranty is expired. Those guys I called asked me for $80 to service my TV. I said no of course.

Please guys if anyone can help me I will provide you with any info you need. I really want my TV to be the way it came out of the box. I learned my lesson.

Thank you.

Original TV firmware codes. Cannot access service menu again to change those back.

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